OgreFest is, and will always be 100% Free To Play.

Every 30 minutes a quasi small sum ofPearl 8 Pearls are delivered directly to every online players' Pearl Balance automatically, free of charge.
Aditionally, there is a low chance of obtaining a Pearl Box 16 Pearl Box, which can be opened to get the amount of pearls (and for a limited time a 100LT boost to Weight Limit) from within, by performing various activities such as Life Professions (a.k.a. Life Skills) or vanquising monsters out in the world (a.k.a. Grinding). So basically by being active!
※ Please note that these pearl boxes have a drop rate completely separate from the drop rate of every other items.
※ Also important to note that the Pearl Shop prices here on OgreFest are the same as on Korean retail, which means that items bought from the Pearl Shop are significantly cheaper than on other versions (e.g. NA/EU/RU) of Black Desert Online.

OgreFest provides a custom-made boss timer, which can be accessed through the World Map by clicking the button with the same icon as the Worker List button right next to it.

All content is available and unlocked, there are no content hidden behind paywalls or similar.

Our servers are located in Canada, however we do not have any IP blocks in place, so you are able to connect to our services no matter which country you are intending to connect from.


Item Drops
Combat EXP
Skill EXP
Karma Gain
Exploration EXP
Fitness EXP
Life EXP
Guild Skill EXP
Horse EXP
Horse Skill EXP

* Rates are subject to change, with or without prior notice.